Hey all, here is my piece for Light Grey Art Lab’s upcoming show, “Tarot, Mystics, and the Occult”, which will be on display in October. This is a huge 78 artist show featuring many of my favorite contemporary illustrators! My card was part of the major arcana, The Lovers. I think I may have gone crazy with the details in this one, haha, but it looks beautiful on the card. 

The gallery will be selling limited edition Giclee Prints of this piece starting October 19th. I will not be selling this piece as a print in my Etsy so you’ll have to quickly buy them as soon as their available!

You can also pre-order the whole deck with everyone’s art for $25, HERE

The show will open on October 19th at Light Grey Art Lab’s gallery in Minneapolis. If you’re in the area definitely go and check it out, and send me pictures of everything set up! You can buy the decks and I think the prints in person at the opening reception too. 

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