Some photos from this years Moccafest! We were in the back left at table G197 and had a nice cool breeze the whole time which was great because it got really warm in the center of the Armory. I loved meeting all of you and found so many awesome new artists who I need to find now on Tumblr. Here’s some shot of our table and what I got in art trades. Also Scott C. drew my portrait, it’s ridiculous! If you took or find any pictures with me in it, forward them to me!

Links to artists in my photos!
Alex Krokus
Grim Wilkins
Chase Stone
Scott C.
Jenna Trost
Jasmine Vollherbst
Darshana Pathak
Rosana Iarusso
Kiri Ostergaard Leonard
Marc Scheff
Tim Paul

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    Mocca was awesome this year! I wanna post a haul video of some sorts because I got so much awesome stuff ♡
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