Something different! Working on an editorial portfolio and this week’s piece was inspired this article. Been struggling a bit with my faces and I have like, three different versions of this one with so many different people. Need to do more crowd scenes to figure things out.

My entry I did for the Deviant Art Make Ugly contest. It may not win but at least I’ll have a picture of a turtle giant bursting out of a mountain.

Light Grey Art Lab is doing the best show ever this week! It’s called Macro + Micro: A Celebration of the Natural World and so far I’ve seen a bunch of piece pop up across tumblr all week and it’s just going to be so good… For this one I went with owls, big surprise, and I wanted to do a family scene with some cute owlets. This species is the Tawny Owl, it’s a common breed and their night vision is only as good as a human’s, they find their prey mainly through their highly sensitive ears. Their call is somewhat freaky and it has become symbolic of bad luck and death throughout Europe. They mate for life and care for their owlets for about two months, after that they’re mature enough to survive on their own and find their own territory.

Prints available from LGAL 



Supersonic Visits:

Kali Ciesemier & Sam Bosma.

Supersonic recently had the chance to visit the awesome joint studio of Kali Ciesemier and Sam Bosma.  Sam and Kali are both graduates of the excellent art school MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) and live in Baltimore (And teach at MICA - I wish I had had them as my teachers).  The two artists explore a broad range of different ideas and themes throughout their bodies of work.  Kali works exclusively digitally while Sam goes through a thumbnail and sketch process, sometimes coloring with traditional paint and sometimes painting with Photoshop to finish his work.  Check out a multitude of images of their studio after the jump:

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Two BAMF living the life, hope to be in a similar situation in 7 years, would love to teach and partner up in a studio with another amazing artists.


VERY generous of Ryan Andrews to show us through his process with such detail. 

A very cool tutorial on how to get a mood into an illustration.

This week I got to participate in 10 Paces and Draw again! The theme was “Deathmatch” and I got a sketch from Rachel Dougherty and made it into a final illustration. Meanwhile, I made a Godzilla vs Mothra sketch which Abigail Shaw made into a nice finish!