Here is my piece for the second half of Light Grey Art Lab's Tarot and Occult show coming in October. For my occult/mystic piece I was searching through various methods of predicting the future and came about Augury. Augurs would observe birds (their songs, flight patterns, and the presence of species) to determine decisions regarding commerce, war, politics and religion. They would also observe other natural phenomena such as lightening and sightings of animals linked to gods (owl->Minerva). When I saw birds were involved, I of course jumped at this idea. Limited prints will be available through Light Grey in mid to late October, and will only be sold through them! Excited to see that deck too!

This thing left my hand crippled last week, god too many details….

This week’s Ten Paces and Draw swap was inspired by Astrology! I was partnered with Roxanne Daner, you can see everyone’s pieces here!