Got another piece for my Wilder Things series, this one’s of Ira.

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Another piece for the Wild Things commissions. Won’t be posting much new art in April and May because I’ll be working on a children’s book! Can’t say much about it yet or show any finished artwork, but will be throwing little peeks or things!

Third piece in my Wilder Things series, with Douglas.

Etsy 8x10” Print available

Another recent commission I did based on the Hans Christian Andersen story, The Steadfast Tin Soldier. If you would like to commission me you can check out my rates HERE!

So upset I missed the Art Order challenge of Eowyn vs Nazgul from Lord of the Rings. Yeah it was like three months ago… but I did my own version this week.

Sorry the full picture is so small… tumblr seems to favor landscape images…

This week’s Illustration Friday word was ‘Boundaries’ so I ended up doing two conquistadors fighting over land. I’ve surprisingly never done armor before and it’s actually more fun than I expected, might spend the rest of September drawing more of it. 

This week’s Illustration Friday word was Mysterious. I’ve had “The Village” stuck in my head after recently watching it and thought this image fit the theme. I also played around with one of Rene Magritte’s surrealist paintings. In this piece mystery is created through superstitions and not everything is how it appears.

I’ve had this idea in a my head for a while now, a play on role reversal, and finally had a free night away from my children’s book to tackle something other than Illustration Friday. Used pen and ink instead of pencil and got crisper line quality although I do miss some of the rough texture pencil can give when rendering. I need the Wacom Inkling NOW!

This week’s illustration friday word was ‘swell’.

I wanted to experiment with a new color palette since my past few weeks gave been very warm with a lot of oranges and greens. Next week I might try to venture out of pencil and try ink, the lines aren’t coming out as bold as I wish and I need to create more of a light source.

Illustration Friday: Stay

I swear this time I’m going to keep up with Illustration Friday. Maybe to motivate me I’ll write Mickey a check for $100 and let him cash it if I fail… When I first sat down to think about what I was going to do I couldn’t get that cliche image of a dog being told to stay, and a lot of my ideas eventually involved dogs because I had a difficult time getting out of the box. Then I thought more along the lines of someone wanting someone to stay, and came up with this cute little idea. The little girl loves her new playmate but the lion isn’t into having his masculinity thrown out the window and kinda wants to go but is too polite.