The Tolkien and Harry Potter 4x6” sets are back in stock along with two new Postcard sets! I made one dedicated to just birds and owls, and another with fanart pieces. All sets are now $10!

4x6” Harry Potter
4x6” Tolkien
4x6” Birds
4x6” Fanart

New Bundle Item!

Missed me at Moccafest this year in NYC? No worries, I’m selling a bundle of everything that was being sold there. You get a 15pt stock glossy print of everything you see on that table that is done by me. Ignore the Magic pieces in the upper right, those are by Chase Stone. 
What you get:
8x10” - Love Bugs, Owl Princess, Augury, Ravens, Deathly Hallows, Golden Compass
6x11” - Tattoo Flash sheet
5x7” - An Unexpected Journey, Owl Princess, Tawny Owlets, The Lovers snakes
4x6” - Harry Potter collection, Lord of the Rings collection, Augury, Lets Make a Deal, Ravens, Jon Snow, Ned Stark, Jake and Finn, Mocking Jay I and II, Andrew Bird, Golden Compass, Knave of Stripes, All Glory to the…, Frog Princess, Joan of Arc, John Carter of Mars and Link’s Revenge.

All hand signed, let me know if you prefer the signature on the front or back or no signature at all.

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I thought it would be cool to see all of my Harry Potter pieces together in one post. I also made a bundle of them available in my Etsy shop if anyone wants prints. Made some sketches today of my next project where I want to do three images inspired by the Mockingjay of The Hunger Games. All pieces are ink/digital.

And done! Here’s the last piece of my Harry Potter series, The Halfblood Prince.


Went in a bit of the opposite direction of my preview pieces and added almost all of the characters to this one! Here’s the Order of the Phoenix.


And here is the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! Does anyone have any opinion of this one or the one I did for The Chamber of Secrets? I’m curious to know how you guys feel about a Harry Potter cover that doesn’t show Harry Potter. Look out for Order of the Pheonix next week!

And if you’re interested in a print, Click

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! Ink and digital.

Finished inking The Prisoner of Azkaban, will spend the rest of the night coloring! 

Finished inking The Prisoner of Azkaban, will spend the rest of the night coloring! 

And here you are, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets! That snake was quite a challenge… Might even get my favorite, the Prisoner of Azkaban, done by the end of the week.

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And so begins the month of fan art with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Okay, so totally went random with this week’s Illustration Friday word, Separated. I can’t believe I haven’t done any Harry Potter illustrations yet so here is one! I was thinking about the final battle in the Deathly Hallows when Harry and Voldemort no long have that connection with each other and the Horcruxes are gone. Yep, definitely steered off topic. But I love how this came out.