I’ve been looking for an excuse to draw an armored bear for a while and this week’s Illustration Friday word, Brigade, gave me an excuse! I really liked The Golden Compass and wish they would continue with the movie series. I’m going to play around with some fanart for the rest of the month so be prepared! 

Illustration Friday, Round! I can’t believe how quickly christmas is sneaking up on me. Preparing myself for the holiday season and will hopefully begin decorating the house today. I’ve also been thinking about organizing calendar but most of my pieces are vertical and I have no clue how to lay them out for a horizontal format. Would blank space on both sides look silly? 

A quickie for this week’s Illustration Friday word, Silence. See the video where I work on it in Photoshop at, http://angelarizza.tumblr.com/post/12955317339/silencedemo.

Went ‘Stripes’ crazy for this week’s Illustration Friday. Check out the video of me inking it!

Due to the snow storm last weekend I didn’t get power back until Thursday and my entry for this week’s illustration friday (scary) word got delayed. Better late than never, I did one of my favorite pieces of local folklore and created a unique Headless Horseman. Even though Halloween is over I still want to do some more horror themed pieces, been thinking about creating an illustration for the movie, Hocus Pocus. Also going to do ArtOrder’s latest challenge, the Queen of Mars.

You can watch a video of me inking here, http://tmblr.co/ZqZdOyBVl90i

So this week I may have strayed off the yellow brick road of Illustration Friday’s word, ‘contraption.’ I originally intended a steampunk monkey/lemur character but kept having the Wizard of Oz influence every decision I made so I said, f*ck it, and went all the way. So here you have it, The Steampunk Monkeys of Oz.

Made it in time for this week’s Illustration Friday word, Hibernate! Wanted to make something super warm and cozy, especially since the weather here has begun to get really cold. 

Not sure if it fit this week’s Illustration Friday word, Mesmerizing, but I just couldn’t resist once I got the thought in my head. I drew the Hypnotoad from Futurama, but made him a little bit more realistic.


This week’s Illustration Friday word was ‘Boundaries’ so I ended up doing two conquistadors fighting over land. I’ve surprisingly never done armor before and it’s actually more fun than I expected, might spend the rest of September drawing more of it. 

This week’s Illustration Friday word was Mysterious. I’ve had “The Village” stuck in my head after recently watching it and thought this image fit the theme. I also played around with one of Rene Magritte’s surrealist paintings. In this piece mystery is created through superstitions and not everything is how it appears.

This week’s Illustration Friday is Disguise! I had a lot of free time during the Hurricane since I lost power for two days and internet/tv for three, I managed to finish this piece Monday night. For this idea, I always thought sheep have the same shape as a bush so I gave a more camouflaged look here.