Only two more weeks until Moccafest in NYC! This year I’ll be at Table D10 with Chase Stone again, so if you’re in New York stop by! Admission is only $5 this year and it’s open from 11am-6pm. I will be selling tons of prints are discount prices, along with a big bundle deal which is one of everything at my table for $35. I will also be selling my first Zine, with includes the line art for my Tolkien illustrations, it’s 6x9” and 12 pages. You can purchase them also online over at my Etsy.

Hey everyone! A few months ago I was approached by Race Point Publishing, they were working on a book about how Tolkien’s stories influenced artists, movies, and other media. A few of my pieces are being included in the book, check it out over at amazon or follow their board on Pinterest.

Been wanting to illustrate the Great Eagle rescue scene from The Hobbit for a while, so here it is!

New Bundle Item!

Missed me at Moccafest this year in NYC? No worries, I’m selling a bundle of everything that was being sold there. You get a 15pt stock glossy print of everything you see on that table that is done by me. Ignore the Magic pieces in the upper right, those are by Chase Stone. 
What you get:
8x10” - Love Bugs, Owl Princess, Augury, Ravens, Deathly Hallows, Golden Compass
6x11” - Tattoo Flash sheet
5x7” - An Unexpected Journey, Owl Princess, Tawny Owlets, The Lovers snakes
4x6” - Harry Potter collection, Lord of the Rings collection, Augury, Lets Make a Deal, Ravens, Jon Snow, Ned Stark, Jake and Finn, Mocking Jay I and II, Andrew Bird, Golden Compass, Knave of Stripes, All Glory to the…, Frog Princess, Joan of Arc, John Carter of Mars and Link’s Revenge.

All hand signed, let me know if you prefer the signature on the front or back or no signature at all.

Find it on my Etsy!

   Had some more fun with The Hobbit this week! I didn’t want to create a new Bilbo piece until I actually saw the movie, and I didn’t get around to that until two weeks ago. I’m selling this print in two sizes, 8x10” and 16x20” on Etsy.




omg this company makes fucking Hobbit Holes in various sizes that can be chicken coops, playhouses, sheds, and even actual, functioning tiny houses! The fucking company is IN MAINE where I LIVE RIGHT NOW and I can go there and see them and I want to live in a hobbit hole and I am NOT okay, because I need this to be my life!

wait this is in maine? LEMME AT ‘EM


oh, we’re going. a l l o f u s.

If I can get indoor plumbing and wifi, I will live in one of these one day…

This week (or really last week) was Hobbit week on Ten Paces And Draw! I got my awesome Gollum sketch from Houston Trueblood and my Smaug sketch was sent over to Roy Phillips. Check out everyone’s pieces on the site! Going to do a Bilbo piece at the end of the month if I can find some time.

Had some fun this week working on some portraits from The Hobbit dwarf promos! Why is does one of them look like a sexy underwear model? 

My interpretation of the Balrog, Durin’s Bane from Lord of the Rings. I stuck a bit to the movie’s look, but made him a bit more bat like and more smoke than fire. Think Smaug is next. “You shall not pass!”


*Sorry for the repost, had to edit a part of the image that was bothering me.

Finished inking the Balrog last night, coloring this weekend!

Finished inking the Balrog last night, coloring this weekend!

I want to make a few more Lord of the Rings pieces before MOCCA in April. Our table got confirmed! I’ll be sharing with my fellow FIT alumni, Chase Stone and Anastasiya Tarasenko. Not sure where we’ll be yet, so the table number is tba. I also got into the summer issue of Creative Quarterly! Anyways, here’s my illustration of Shelob, I think I want to attempt either the giant eagles or Balrog next.


Happy New Year everyone! First finished piece of 2012 is Gandalf vs Saruman. I also just finished inking my idea for a HP and the Sorcerer’s Stone cover so hopefully I’ll finish coloring that by tomorrow.

Recently I got a commission to illustrate a scene from Lord of the Rings with the Hobbits in The Prancing Pony. I don’t normally do indoor environments so this one was a bit of a challenge for me. I was also commissioned to draw Saruman fighting Gandalf, so you have that coming in about a week. Oh and I’m going to redraw all of the Harry Potter covers and maybe you’ll see some Adventure Time piece soon. January’s going to be busy!