Finished up this fun commission of a dragon on the Dragon Satellite! Love the colors on this one.

Print Available

Hey guys, I can finally show this one! Friday was the opening night of Light Grey Art Lab’s scifi show, Station Zero in Minneapolis! This show was so fun, each artists was sent a random pulp novel and had to recreate the cover. Mine was In The Kingdom of the Beasts, it started off explaining how there was a war between humans and beasts (genetically modified humans who were made to serve and work) and our main character, Mark Chaos was one of the main leaders of the rebellion. He’s traveling through space on his way home when he gets lost and encounters all of these strange worlds, very similar to greek Odyssey. In this piece I wanted to include  a woman from the planet Black Star and the hallucinated space dragon from the last part of the book. I have a feeling the original illustrator didn’t read the story though because I couldn’t find anything that looked like that. The beasts were described as completely human looking with a distinct tattoo.

Prints Available over at Light Grey Art Lab, LGAL Store

Watch this clip from CBS Minnesota, they got a nice close up of mine at 18 seconds!

I can finally post my Mass Effect 3 piece of Tali which I did for Bioware back in November! I had a limited color palette and it was fun building up this piece with so much texture and mark making. There is a limited run of 250 giclee prints for sale through the Bioware Store for $40 each, I will not be selling them in my shop. I hope you all enjoy it.

The Art Order is holding a contest for the scifi classic, John Carter of Mars, in honor of the book’s movie release. Along with this contest they now have a very helpful site called WIP Nation where members helped me with my composition and helped make this piece much more dynamic than I originally had. Here I have John and the Princess mid-battle against a Banth, a multi-limbed space lion with two rows of teeth and a dysfunctional cheshire cat smile. Head over to WIP Nation to see the other enties and check out the newest screenshots of the movie