This week on Ten Paces And Draw we had some fun with the Lone Ranger! And I just saw Pacific Rim in 3D Imax, omg I need to get on drawing something after that. Leatherback and the Crab Kaiju were amazing!

This week I got to participate in a project between Ten Paces And Draw and The Maryland Institute College of Art! 20 artists were paired with 20 students and each swapped sketches based on the theme Hashtags. My partner was Leah Maloney who gave me #TuxedosForNoReason and I gave her #HipsterPets. Check out everyone’s pieces here!

This week (or really last week) was Hobbit week on Ten Paces And Draw! I got my awesome Gollum sketch from Houston Trueblood and my Smaug sketch was sent over to Roy Phillips. Check out everyone’s pieces on the site! Going to do a Bilbo piece at the end of the month if I can find some time.

This week I swapped with Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi on Ten Paces And Draw. The theme was Exotic Travels and I was a bit inspired by The Neverending Story for this one. Now off to Key West for a week, be back in July! CHeck out everyone’s pictures here,

Today Ten Paces And Draw organized a small collection of Where The Wild Things Are pieces for a tribute to author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak. Here is my contribution along with a few others. I also started selling my original ink/watercolor drawings, you can purchase this one on my Etsy.

This week’s Ten Paces and Draw swap was inspired by Astrology! I was partnered with Roxanne Daner, you can see everyone’s pieces here!

This week’s Ten Paces And Draw swap was about Poke’mon! I received my sketch from Fitz Fitzpatrick and my sketch was finished by Jess Worby. Check out everyone’s entries at,

Ten Paces and Draw now has a biweekly character challenge and I was able to participate in the first one which featured characters from Game of Thrones. Here is my Jon Snow.

Check out everyone else’s here ~ Print

Once again I had a lot of fun participating in this week’s Ten Paces and Draw. The word was Ugly. I was partnered with artist, Krissy Diggs and she sketched out an idea for an Ugly Sweater Party while I gave her a nerdy monster geek to draw. I had a lot of fun looking up Fair Isle sweater patterns and using Bill Cosby as inspiration. It wasn’t until a few days later that someone noticed my dogs resemble the cast of Sunny and Philadelphia and now I can’t unsee it. Check out all of the entries on Ten Paces and Draw!

And don’t forget, Deadline for my free print contest is February 8th so check out my tumblr for more details. And I updated the prices in my Etsy shop,

This week on Ten Paces and Draw! ‘What I wore today”

I recently joined this really fun community where every week we have  a weekly theme and we make a sketch for it. Then the sketches are redistributed to everyone who participated and artist create final images of someone else’s idea. I love doing this and it’s so much fun seeing how someone reinterprets your idea in a whole new style.

This week I got a sketch by, Madison Zalopany and my finish was done by, Wylie Elise. Beckert